“Around The World” Abs and Core Training

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I don’t use the term “mandatory” lightly, BUT I feel every needs to include some sort of eccentric dominant core training exercises. Nearly every core and ab exercise in the book involves shortening or “crunching” of the abdominals.

I have covered in the past how rough every day life can be on a body – shortening the abdominals while sitting, shortening the hip flexors, and rounding the shoulders.

Part of the fix for this is strengthen the core eccentrically as well as concentrically.

BUT the average roll outs get a little “boring” for some people so let’s spice it up and go around the world!

How To Perform:
5 Roll outs to the side
5 Roll outs 45 degrees
5 Roll outs to the middle
5 Roll outs 45 degrees
5 Roll outs to the other side

Perform 2-4 sets for best results. These will help stretch your core AND loosen up your hips.

Around The World Abs Workout
Special should out to Jeff Cavaliere for opening my eyes to the side ab roll out.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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