Chest and Abs Training (Condensed)

Here is this morning’s CHEST and ABS workout. (4:00 am Pacific)

Today”s Notes:

✔️ A “Mental Preparation Set” (M.P.S.) is a set that you use to get your MIND warmed up for an exercise. Your body part is already warmed up from the previous set (or sets) but the exercise you are about to do has a little bit different of a movement. An M.P.S. just gives you a little more certainty and confidence to attack the set with the proper amount of overload weight.

✔️ Today’s listening material: Scott Adams’ “The Day You Became A Better Writer.” It’s available for free on YouTube. I stripped the audio so I could listen to it while training.

If you have any questions, please post them below and I will answer them throughout the day when time permits.



Barbell Bench Press
Warm up set
2 working sets

Incline Barbell Press
1 Mental Preparation Set (M.P.S.)
2 working sets

Incline Dumbbell Press
2 working sets


Weighted Raises
2 working sets

Cable Crunches
2 working sets

Weighted Crunches
2 working sets

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