Effective Training Of The Triceps

One of the first goals of any guy who starts training their triceps is to build and maintain great arms. Nothing gives a guy a greater sense of satisfaction than receiving admiring glances from women and envious looks from men with arms like pipe cleaners.

The goal of big arms when training triceps can only be realistically achieved if you develop and concentrate on a well devised weight training regime. It is absolutely essential that you get your head around the fact that you will have to perform some pretty heavy duty weight training, huge triceps will just not appear by accident, they will have to be worked on.

However, the good news is that huge triceps are a very realistic goal, all it takes is a little determination and a refusal to give up and, believe me, great triceps will be yours. Start by following these three tips.

a: Focus On Exercises That Work Your Triceps.

This may sound like an obvious statement but many people still believe that you can develop huge triceps just by following your current weight training schedule. Yes, it is true that when you are working your chest you will use your triceps as the secondary muscle but if you are truly looking to achieve great triceps when training then you will have to focus on working those triceps hard.

In my opinion far and away the best training exercise for tricep development is the Parallel Bar Dip. The dip works all three muscles in the tricep area, and it is vital that you try to incorporate this exercise into your routine. If you ever find yourself doubting the effectiveness if the dip, then just stop and take a look at a male gymnast. They do tremendous amounts of dips in their training and have possibly the best developed triceps in the sporting world.

b: Take Less Time

This is a wonderful little tip when it comes to developing your triceps, or indeed whatever your training goal happens to be. If you can perform more work in less time you will be building your intensity level and improving your cardiovascular conditioning at the same time. This leads to an increase in your metabolic rate and an increase in the development of your lean muscle mass.

Do more reps with a little more weight in less time when training and just watch your tricep size and strength, along with your muscular development go through the roof. Try to take much shorter rest periods and don’t worry if you feel totally shattered to begin with.

c: Focus On A Healthy Diet

It is truly amazing to me how many guys at the gym just ignore this fundamental piece of advice. It just does not matter how many reps you do or how much weight you pound out when training, you will simply not develop the lean muscle mass and the huge ripped triceps that you want if you don’t follow a strict diet plan.

A low fat, high fibre and protein rich diet will go a long way in helping you towards your goal of huge triceps. Stay well hydrated during your training, get plenty of rest and make it a priority to familiarise yourself with all the supplements available to you.

Never underestimate the importance of your triceps in developing huge arms. Your triceps make up two thirds of your arm muscles so well developed triceps will equate to huge arms, it really is as straightforward as that. Stay focused and I can assure you that you will reach your training goals.

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