How To Get Six Pack Abs | Ab Training Science Explained ft. Christian Guzman

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42 thoughts on “How To Get Six Pack Abs | Ab Training Science Explained ft. Christian Guzman

  1. Definitely agreed with the video and I do PL training with ab works. It helps a lot with being stronger in the main movement. However, what do some powerlifers have huge core from just doing squats and deadlifting? Genetics? Or is that the heavier you lift, the more the abs have to grow to support it? Im sure big PLifters do core work too, but much like you do

  2. Jeff – as always, great video. Thanks for all the credible info your channel provides. Would you caution against doing ab exercises between lifting sets (e.g. doing a set of leg raises between sets of bench press)? I’d like to try the method to save time in the gym, but don’t know if it will hinder my lifting.

  3. That is realy not difficult… you just do fucking situps…a proper ammount…200-300 every other day for like 2-3 Months then you have your Sixpack..probably faster…thats how long it too for me but i was exteme saggy before cause i lost 130 lbs..

  4. Doesn’t having two dumbbells on both sides cancel out the exercise? I’m confused, if you have a dumbbell pulling your trunk down on both sides, won’t it balance out? Have I been doing it wrong all my life?

  5. Jeff. Great video. Can you do a video on waist trainers. Competed in first compitition and the judges said I need to consider using a waist trainer like a corset to shrink waist. I watched both back video and abb videos to to get fundamentals on lats and abbs but cant find much research on male waist reducing in total diameter. Thank you and hopefully on day you see this and respond.

  6. Great info. There is more studies needed. My experience, a powerlifting routine does increase circumference of the waist. You push your abs and diaphram against the belt. Just a thought.

  7. Okay I’m a little confused on the term ‘lower abs’ I went to a fitness training company after basic training for rehab on my hip and I was given a class by master fitness trainers saying there is no such thing as lower or upper abs it’s all just one set of muscles and that your workout will workout the entire abs. I’m just confused so could you please explain that to me? Thanks!

  8. 4:35 I get a completely different interpretation of the data. The fact that they didn't use weights is huge. That favored the ab slide because of course that's the most difficult body weight movement. However, there's much to learn. Look at the side bridge. All other exercises are flat, but look how specific the side bridge is for the int and ex obliques. If participants held a 45 lb plate, the activity would sky rocket. As per the next study listed in the video.
    A good criticism in this graph is to say, "but look the rectus femoris is way too high." However, the way the performed the exercise straight legged will naturally activate it. Simply take the top leg and bend the knee to a 90 angle and plant the foot in front of you and now you have a strong easily supported stance. Finally, slightly lean towards the ground with your torso and you can feel your obliques and TA activate even more.

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