Target Abs by The Abs Company for Abdominal Core Training #bodybuilding #fitness #muscle #abs – The Target Abs by The Abs Company is fixed angle abdominal crunch board with three color-coded touch targets suspended above the exerciser to provide a visual, tactile goal for physical extension while performing the ab crunch exercise. The Target Abs sit up board incorporates the Touch Target Technology popularized by the AB SOLO to effectively train upper abs, lower abs and obliques all in one piece of core training equipment. The Target Abs bench eliminates the guesswork by the exerciser as to how to execute a full range of motion ab crunch or sit up to achieve maximum benefit on the core abdominal muscles. Crunch forward through a traditional sit up motion while extending both arms upwards towards to the top of the bench and then touch the main target in center with both sets of fingertips. Two complementary targets are positioned on either side of the main target to provide direction for twisting sit-ups to effectively train the obliques. To increase the intensity or difficulty of the workout, incorporated medicine balls into the exercise to add weighted resistance to the crunch exercise. The Target Abs board can also be used to train lower abdominals by turning around and performing straight leg lifts, reverse crunches, and twisting bent knee lifts. The Target Abs is a fun and effective way to make sure you achieve proper range of motion with each and every rep, and to create a color sequence to follow for a great ab circuit routine for complete core training.

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