Understanding Back Pain And Treatment Options

Understanding ourselves is essential prior to knowing the many back pain treatment options. Ever wonder why when your back pain you can feel that your whole body doesn’t feel good as well. The reason is simply that our back is by far one of the most complex nervous systems apart from the human brain, consisting of many nervous fibers interconnecting the entire body. You feel the pain when the sensory nerves send signal to the brain in the form of electrical impulses telling you “pain”. Back pain can be simply a result of stress or strain. Any discomforting pain can last from hours to days to weeks or months. In chronic cases, the pain can be extremely discomforting to the patients.


Patients may be aware that there are many back pain treatment options in the market. You should try to experience these options and choose one or a combination of some to achieve the best ideal result. Having say that, there is no one specific treatment that is suitable to all back pain patients. Knowing your specific causes leading to back pain will help along the way.

Back Pain Treatment – Physical Treatment And Therapy

Physical therapy remains one of the most useful and effective remedy among the many back pain treatments, which is less costly and non-invasive most of the times. Through exercises or even simple routine stretching this can aid to relieve many of the discomfort experienced from back pain, if not healing it completely. For chronic patients, usually physical therapy is included into the rehabilitation process to overcome back or lower back pain and even injury. Physical treatment is also effective as an option to pain management.

Physical treatment provides another avenue to build and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. The focus of any physical therapy should be all round the body; providing an infusion of muscle and joint strengthening routines to correct, repair and build up the right frame of musculoskeletal structure from the neck and shoulder down to the hip and knees.

The other usefulness through physical therapy is the correction of our posture. Many bad postural alignments due to our laziness and fatigue contribute to spinal problems. Some pain relief apparatuses come in handy as part of the overall pain management. Take for example the wedge pillow is useful in providing the support and relieve any additional stress on the lower back while in sleeping position. Back support braces or belts are another effective apparatuses to provide the support and alignment to a proper posture.

Back Pain Treatment – Conventional Prescriptions

The conventional back pain treatment remains that of medication. The option is administered through drugs or in severe cases, surgeries. In most cases the non-prescriptive NSAIDS, anti-inflammatory and topical pain-killers will work to arrest the pain and discomfort.

In some acute cases whereby quick relief of pain is necessary, the injection will be one source of relief. Cortisone injection provides a suitable option to some that has the relief effect of up to various months. However, like most conventional medications these come with side effects if one is administered on long term prescription.

It is recommended that immediate consultation to any qualified medical professionals is initiated when you are faced in any circumstances whereby the pain is overwhelming and your daily activities are disturbed. The doctor will be able to assist and recommend the appropriate back pain treatment.

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