What is Pilates?

Pilates and its Benefits

Pilates is a method of exercise that allows you to relax both mentally and physically and gain strength over time. The history of the Pilates dates back to the centuries. But it has been around the world in the last 50-60 years. This is because of the development of communication and travel facilities. The most important feature of Pilates is that it can be operated and operated easily in many ways. For example, while exercises against gravity develop muscles, exercises made in the form of stretching relax the muscles and straighten the spine.

what is pilates

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

1-) Pilates gives you more energy;

It is essential to breathe correctly when doing pilates. With proper breathing, more oxygen enters the body. Excess oxygen removes the lungs first, then the blood, and finally the organs. Oxygen-rich muscles are fatigued and oxygen richer brain thinks more seriously.

2-) Pilates reduces tension;

People who are experiencing mental and muscular exhaustion are in constant tension. To get rid of this exhaustion, muscles must relax, the mind must rest and breathe properly. So everything needed to relieve tension and calm down is available on the Pilate.

3-) Pilates strengthens the muscles

Some exercises made during Pilates were based on strengthening muscles. Among these, the most effective ones are the movements made against the tire and gravity. As the muscles get stronger, the posture of the body becomes flat and spine health is protected indirectly.

4-) Pilates gives flexibility to the body;

Flexibility is as important as power. Those who have a flexible body will become tired later, make many movements more comfortable, and their joints will have less deformation. It is enough to do pilates regularly to gain flexibility.

5-) Pilates straightens the posture of the body;

In particular, the backbone of people working at the table becomes deformed over time. This will also disturb your body position. The muscles around the spine must be strong so that the spleen can get in the way it should. Pilates will be effective in strengthening the muscles in the back and shoulders.

6-) Pilates reduces waist and back pain;

Pilates is an exercise program that both strengthens and flexes the waist and back muscles. Muscle strength and flexibility gain indirectly reduces pain and allows longer working time.

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